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Brampton Centennial Secondary School (BCSS)



Brampton Centennial Secondary School (BCSS)

251 McMurchy Avenue South

Brampton, ON

L6Y 1Z4

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Brampton Centennial Secondary School was built 1967 – Canada’s Centennial – replacing Brampton High School. Many of our current student awards began at Brampton HS, and we have many reminders in the school of our distinguished heritage. 

Back in 1852, shortly after Brampton was incorporated as a village, the first high school was founded, with 12 students and one teacher:  Mr. Thompson.  Dr. John Seath, who took charge in 1862, eventually became the superintendent of schools for Ontario.  Classes were conducted on the second floor of the Central School building until 1878, when the Church Street property was purchased, and the three-room Brampton High School was constructed.

From 1892 to 1967, a span of 75 years, there were only three Principals:  W.J. Fenton from 1878 to 1927, T.W. Martin until 1950, and J.R. Willis until 1969. The original school burned in 1917 and was rebuilt.  It eventually became too small for the growing Brampton community, and in 1967, Brampton Centennial Secondary School opened in its place.

Now Brampton Centennial Secondary School has approximately 1300 students, and over 100 teaching and support staff. In 2000 a new addition was added to the front of the school to accommodate the additional student population. It is a school which we are proud of and enjoy attending.
Some of our many notable alumni include the following:

  • W.J. Fenton – graduated in 1888 and went on to become principal of Brampton HS and one of the educators for whom Turner Fenton SS is named
  • Pete Corner – world curling champion
  • Scott Thompson – actor/comedian
  • Ken Whillans – former Mayor of Brampton
  • Julie White – world class high jumper
  • Chris Cuthbert – Network Sports Commentator
  • Rick Nash – NHL hockey player

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