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Top 5 places to get fresh bread in Hamilton



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Top 5 places to get fresh bread in Hamilton

If there is one thing in this world that has the power to unify people more than bread, I don’t know what it could be.

Bread has sustained humanity for thousands and thousands of years and probably will for thousands and thousands of more years.

Many of our traditions revolve around the act of ‘breaking bread,’ not to mention its significance it holds in world cultures and organized religions.

It’s no surprise that most of us take bread pretty darn seriously and there’s a whole bunch of Hamilton bakeries who have made a living on this premise.

Therefore, there’s a lot of really fabulous places in the city to find fresh bread, but we’ve taken the time to help you narrow down some of your choices.

Here are the Top 5 places in Hamilton to get fresh bread.

5. Bonanza Bakery

Photo courtesy Bonanza Bakery’s Facebook page

I really can’t get enough of Bonanza. I love the service, the out-of-the-way location, the sandwiches and Portuguese tarts. But really, their bread — particularly their Portuguese buns — are a work of art. They’re chewy, not too airy and have a nice crust; practically perfect. It’s the perfect bread for dipping (or for a sandwich).

4. Weil’s Bakery

Photo courtesy Weil’s Bakery’s Facebook page.

Weil’s has been serving Hamiltonians for well over a century. They’re known for all of the delicious baked goods they create — cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies and so much more — but it’s their ‘from scratch’ breads that have made them a destination for generations. I’m particularly fond of their potato bread, which is out of this world. The service is always kind and informative and the storefront is cute as a button.

3. Quality Bakery

Quality Bakery on Ottawa Street has been serving the community for years now. They started out as a Jewish bakery specializing in Rye and Challah breads. They continue to offer these and much more. Their egg buns are gorgeous and moist and fluffy and just the right amount of sweetness — they are a favourite in my family. The storefront looks into their massive bakery where all of their breads and sweets are created and I feel like it’s nice to get a peek behind the curtain where all the magic happens.

2. Roma Bakery

Photo courtesy Roma Bakery’s Facebook page.

Roma needs no introduction. I don’t know if you realize this, but they make more than their iconic pizza! Of course, you knew that. Their bakery, located on Barton Street in Stoney Creek offers hot foods, they make sandwiches and beautiful desserts, as well as their legendary pizza. Also, they make bread. Lots and lots of bread. I’m a big fan of their sourdough especially, with its nice thick, chewy crust. Everything is freshly baked in house and the service, as it has been for decades, is friendly and attentive. If it’s bread you want, you seriously can’t go wrong with Hamilton’s Roma Bakery.

1. Sweet Paradise

This market on the West Mountain really is paradise. It is always so busy but the staff never seem ruffled by it. In fact, any time I’ve had the pleasure of dropping in, I’ve always felt welcome and taken care of. Their massive selection of fresh-baked bread is somewhat overwhelming but you really can’t go wrong with any selection: it’s all fresh and delicious. Sweet Paradise is known for its lovely Calabrese bread so if you’re looking for a jumping-off point, that’s as good a place as any.

Where’s your favourite place to find fresh bread in Hamilton?


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