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Top 5 Hamilton restaurants with alcohol delivery



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Top 5 Hamilton restaurants with alcohol delivery

At InTheHammer, we are all about supporting our local restaurants, and now, we couldn’t be happier to see that our local restaurants our supporting us back by providing alcohol with their meals. Yes, you heard me: alcohol.

Food must be purchased with all alcohol orders, both legally and for your own good.

Here are the Top 5 restaurants with alcohol delivery included.

5. The Mule

I want to preface this by saying I’m a massive Mule fan. Every family function we have, we go to the Mule. Love the food. Love the staff. Love the skull art. Love the alcohol. Love it all.

That praise aside, I was disappointed in the delivery service. I ordered a Corona and the guacamole to get a feel of Mexico on a warm day. Unfortunately, the food and beer itself were warm, it took over an hour to receive, and the portion was very small. I understand this must be crazy times for restaurants so I’m all for second chances and will be ordering again.

Their alcohol menu is quite extensive with lots of local options.

Recommendation: Corona + Queso Fundido

4. Bread Bar

Bread Bar nails the pizza delivery every time! From the Vampire Slayer to their classic Margherita I’m delighted with their pizza every time. I’m a massive West Ave Cider fan and was excited to see this local cidery on the menu. Why not support local alcohol with local food? 

I couldn’t believe it when I saw that a $3.80 can of cider was listed for $10.00 (comparatively, Caro sells the same can for $5.00). I understand restaurants making a profit, but we’re not talking Lysol wipes here. Bottles of wine are fairly well priced at $20-$25.

Recommendation: Bottle of wine + Margherita Pizza

3. Caro

Caro is doing it right! Call them, place your order, and their staff delivers. In addition to supporting this local business, and the Ontario beer they sell (Clifford Brewing), you are supporting their employees.

Caro uses their employees to deliver (for free!) the food/alcohol and uses the gratuities to do porch food drop-offs to their staff. You get to eat, and so does their staff. All beers and ciders are $5. Red, white and sparkling wine ranges from $20-$30. Great booze, great food, and amazing staff.

Recommendation: Clifford Brewing (Brokedown Pallet Hazy IPA) + Penne Carbonara

2. Motel Restaurant

Yes! Yes! Yes! So happy about everything involved in my order. It arrived super fast, all parts of my breakfast were in separate (recyclable) containers. The fruit salad didn’t make my toast mush and my puree didn’t soak into my home fries. The food was hot and delicious. 

Let me tell you about the main attraction – the mimosa. It came with freshly squeezed juice, a mini bottle of sparkling wine and a flower! I have never felt so fancy at home in my sweatpants. You can see the care they are putting into the at-home Motel Restaurant experience.

Recommendation: Continental Breakfast + Mimosa

1. Radius

Where do I start? The Goat Cheese Spring Rolls were unique, amazing and paired lovely with their Ladybug Rose. Yes, I said it … spring rolls and rose. Hot food and chilled wine were on my doorstep in 20 minutes.

In addition to the quick and amazing service, each of the take-out bags had a handwritten quote from Executive Chef Gordon Goss and I received a Radius VIP card that will give 10% off all future orders. This place is great if you are looking to order a nice bottle of wine with your dinner. This is a local spot I’m happy to continue to support!

Recommendation: Goat Cheese Spring Rolls Ladybug Rose

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