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PHOTOS: Hamilton paramedics to start wearing reusable respirators



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PHOTOS: Hamilton paramedics to start wearing reusable respirators

Hamilton Paramedics are donning new personal protective equipment (PPE) in an effort to protect themselves and others from the spread of COVID-19 as well as reduce waste.

On Wednesday (April 8), the Hamilton Paramedic Service tweeted out a picture of local paramedics wearing reusable respirators in an effort to get Hamiltonians used to the idea.

“Please don’t be scared! Starting today you may see our #Paramedics wearing these new reusable respirators when responding to calls,” the Tweet says.

The brand new respirators are rather imposing, but the service assures residents that they’re for the safety of all.

“These will reduce the amount of disposable #PPE used. They will continue to allow are #Paramedics to stay safe, while they delivering patient care.”

Earlier this week, the director of Hamilton’s Emergency Operations Centre, Paul Johnson, said that the city’s supply of PPE was dwindling but that the city “wasn’t in a position to panic.”

The use of respirators by Hamilton’s paramedics will relieve some of the pressure on the local demand for PPE.

Photo courtesy Hamilton Paramedics’ Twitter

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