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New coffee and dessert shop opens in downtown Hamilton



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New coffee and dessert shop opens in downtown Hamilton

Photo courtesy One For All Coffee + Dessert's Instagram

A unique new coffee shop has opened its doors in downtown Hamilton and in addition to serving up that much-needed cuppa Joe, their dessert menu will keep people coming back for more.

One For All Coffee + Desserts celebrated the soft opening of its picture-perfect storefront, at 241 King Street East, on Tuesday (May 11).

In addition to a vast selection of specialty coffees and unique beverages, One For All’s menu offers a mix of Asian-inspired sweets and eats prepared in-house.

Items like their S’Moreo Cookie, Zesty Lemon Cake, Vanilla Raisin Madeleine or Korean Style Pizza Toast look simply irresistible and will undoubtedly put this bright little coffee shop at the top of any local foodie’s must-try list.

Vegan and gluten-free menu options, as well as milk alternatives, ensure that there is something available to everyone at this soon-to-be Hamilton hot spot.

A husband and wife team are the creative force behind One For All and it’s apparent that they are incredibly passionate about providing a unique and inclusive experience for all their customers.

“We have been telling each other “let’s do what we want to do for a lifetime” which made us decide to start our journey in Hamilton, Ontario,” it says on their website.

“Our goal is to introduce many varietals of specialty coffees & Asian inspired pastries made with our recipes and provide cosy environment to give you an exceptional experience and become your daily coffee shop where you can simply hang out & relax.”

In addition to freshly prepared drinks and eats, One For All also boasts an online shop where coffee lovers can purchase coffee making supplies and (eventually) carefully curated coffee beans.

The shop is currently open for take out.

To learn more about One For All Coffee + Desserts or to place an order online, visit their website and give them a follow on Instagram.

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