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Luxury wellness boutique opens second shop on Locke Street in Hamilton



Luxury wellness boutique opens second shop on Locke Street in Hamilton

If you’re on Locke Street and you think you might be seeing double, you probably are.

Bodega Wellness, which has been located at 82 Locke St. for a number of years now, is expanding to another storefront on the block at 144 Locke.

The new location, which opened Monday (July 6) is touted as Bodega’s ‘flagship’ shop and 82 Locke has been ‘reborn’ as Bodega Plants, your one-stop shop for incredibly lush potted indoor plants.

This marks the fourth boutique location in Ontario for the luxury wellness retailer that specializes in hemp-based and all-natural health and beauty products.

Their other locations are in Burlington and in Yorkville in Toronto.

The Bodega team has made a name for themselves in promoting CBD as a dietary supplement to help in reducing anxiety and depression in its users, as well as helping in managing symptoms and provide treatments for a number of ailments.

“CBD gets you healthy, not high,” one of their social media posts explains.

“Our CBD is 100% Hemp-Extracted and doesn’t cause a “high” like THC or some of the other CBD products on the market.”

Several of their products are even geared towards health and wellness in pets. In fact, CBD is believed to help treat arthritis, nausea, seizures, inflammation and skin issues, among other ailments, in some pets.

To learn more about Bodega and their products, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

— Photo courtesy Bodega’s Instagram

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