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Here’s your chance to weigh in on proposed upgrades to Hamilton’s Albion Falls



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Here’s your chance to weigh in on proposed upgrades to Hamilton’s Albion Falls

The City of Hamilton is considering further upgrades to the area around Albion Falls and they want to know how residents feel about it.

In a press release sent out this week, the City launched a survey on their Engage Hamilton platform that invites feedback on the potential addition of a second viewing platform near the popular attraction.

The first platform was installed in 2005 and is situated north of the falls and offers easy access to trails and a parking area, while adding safe access to the falls and protecting some environmentally sensitive areas in King’s Forest.

The City is now proposing a similar set up on the south side of Albion Falls.

The City has partnered with the Hamilton Future Fund Board of Governors to determine the feasibility of a new access and platform on the south side,” the release said.

“Additionally, City staff and the Ward 6 Councillor’s office have been working with the Albion Falls Stairway Task Force, a group of dedicated residents and community stakeholders, whose input has shaped the design of the viewing platform.”

Albion Falls is one of Hamilton’s most popular waterfalls. It attracts people from across the province.

This past year, due to COVID-19, the area around the falls became a problem area for large numbers of people gathering.

In addition to a new south viewing platform, other proposed improvements include:

  • Stairs and elevated boardwalks, with rest areas at the access point, mid-point and endpoint
  • Benches and signage
  • Restoration planting and seeding
  • An East-West Pedestrian Crossover on Mountain Brow Boulevard

The survey will be available for residents to take up until Feb. 22, 2021.

More information on the project and the survey can be found on the City of Hamilton website.

— main image courtesy Mustang Joe via Flickr

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