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Here’s where you can check if your street has been plowed in Hamilton



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Here’s where you can check if your street has been plowed in Hamilton

When the weather threatens to dump a lot of snow on us, the city is usually prepped and ready to get the roads cleared as quickly and safely as possible.

Hamilton roads are plowed based on priority, the city’s website says.

The first priority is main routes and escarpment crossings. The second priority is collector roads and the third priority is neighbourhood streets.

The Provincial highways that run through the city of Hamilton are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation.

During heavy snowfalls, property owners are encouraged to assist the City’s snow removal crews by:

  • Getting vehicles off the streets and parking in your driveway
  • Keeping all catch basins clear of snow and ice for proper drainage during a thaw
  • Keeping fire hydrants clear and visible

Preparation for a snowstorm begins well in advance of the weather event, the city says.

An anti-icing material is applied to streets which is a salt brine solution that helps keep snow and ice from bonding to the roadway.

Once the storm begins, City crews and contractors begin by applying de-icing material such as salt or a sand/salt mixture and plowing roadways throughout Hamilton.

Stay safe and enjoy the winter weather, everyone!

Check out the City of Hamilton’s real-time snow-plow tracker.

Where to get snow clearing updates:

Follow @cityofhamilton on Twitter

For more information about snow clearing in the city, visit the city’s website.

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