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Here’s how you can help preserve the history of Hamilton during COVID-19



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Here’s how you can help preserve the history of Hamilton during COVID-19

The Hamilton Public Library (HPL) is looking to document the city’s experience during the pandemic and they need help from the community.

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a pivotal time in the history of our city and its impact will likely be felt for years, if not generations, to come.

Therefore, the HPL is looking to document the stories and images of the pandemic here in Hamilton.

“Send HPL your digital contributions of stories, photos, poems, art or anything else that represents your life in isolation,” the HPL asks in a press release.

“We all have a story to share about how this worldwide pandemic affected us.”

The archive, the library says, will help future generations of Hamiltonians understand the impact of the global health crisis on the community.

“”The COVID-19 pandemic impacted all Hamilton residents, in so many ways — our health care, our schools, our workplaces, our community and family lives,” said Paul Takala, HPL’s chief librarian in the release.

“Tell us and show us what your time looked and felt like. It’s only through history that we learn for the future.”

The COVID-19 archive endeavour is part of the HPL’s broader Love Your City, Share Your Stories project, which is an ongoing digital project that collects the stories of Hamilton and its residents from the past and present.

When it started in 2015, it focused on four well-known Hamilton cultural icons: music, libraries, Gore Park (fountain) and Tim Horton’s (coffee and donuts). Since then it has expanded to include stories about immigration and water.

“”The COVID-19 virus quickly brought the world to a halt for many – including Hamilton – starting with the province-wide shutdown in mid-March,” said Karen Milligan, manager of HPL’s Local History & Archives.

“Share how it affected you. Give future generations a clear understanding of this time.”

To add to HPL’s COVID archive, you can submit your digital contributions through their website here.

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