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Hamilton Public Library to waive fines for next 18 months



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Hamilton Public Library to waive fines for next 18 months

Hamilton Public Library (HPL) announced Tuesday (July 14) that they are waiving all fines and fees for the next 18 months in an effort to give current and potential library users a “fresh start.”

In a press release sent Tuesday afternoon, HPL says that fines accumulated from March 15, 2020, and up to December 31, 2021, are going to be waived and they are permanently eliminating fines and fees on materials for children and teens.

HPL says that this move ensures library access without fear of fines and supports the community through the pandemic and the recovery period and the library reopens with a fresh start for all Hamilton residents.

“Hamilton is built on innovation, resilience and compassion,” said HPL’s chief librarian, Paul Takala.

“The library is offering everyone in Hamilton – kids, teens and adults – a fresh start by resolving and waiving library fines until December 31, 2021.”

Takala goes on to explain that all fines on youth materials have been eliminated permanently to ensure equal access to the library.

“Those who can, are invited to pay-it-forward,” Takala said in the release.

HPL announced that they are launching a pay-it-forward donor fund to support kids’ literacy and learning later this summer. The fund will increase access to quality learning resources, in an effort to better prepare Hamilton’s youth for tomorrow, the release explains.

HPL’s Board passed this resolution at its meeting in June. The community and financial impacts of these changes over the next 18 months will be reported to the Board in Q4 2021.

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