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Hamilton profiled in documentary that airs this weekend



Hamilton profiled in documentary that airs this weekend

A TVO documentary series that examines and explores the growth of modern cities will feature Hamilton in its latest episode set to air this Sunday (Oct. 18).

The Life-Sized City, which is hosted by Mikael Colville-Andersen, an urban design expert and TV personality, highlights particularly innovative cities around the world that have overcome hurdles to growth and have found innovative ways to adapt to change.

The show zeroes in on the people and culture of the community and the role they play in shaping the ‘modern metropolis.’

In the trailer for the doc’s ‘Hamilton’ episode, Colville-Andersen notes our city’s “proud working-class roots,” and its struggle to figure out how to adapt in a post-industrial world.

“We all know where Steeltown came from,” he says in the trailer. “But, man, I wanna figure out where Steeltown is headed.”

There will be plenty of recognizable places and faces featured in Sunday night’s episode, including Jason Thorne, head of the City’s Planning and Economic Development Department, as well as the Hamilton Music Collective, a community-based non-profit dedicated to teaching and supporting music in the community.

The Life-Sized City is in its third season and has profiled some of the world’s most intriguing and controversial cities.

The shows first episode took an in-depth look at Medellin, Colombia’s capital city that once served as a battleground for drug cartels but has since shrugged off the ‘most dangerous city in the world’ moniker to become an example of effective urbanism.

Sunday’s episode puts Hamilton in an elite club that includes cities like Cape Town, Taipei, Bangkok, Paris, New Orleans, Beirut and Tel Aviv, among others.

For those who want to tune in, the ‘Hamilton’ episode of The Life-Sized city airs Sunday night at 8:10 during TVO’s telethon. TVO also uploads episodes to the show’s page on their website after it airs if you can’t watch Sunday.

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