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Hamilton man charged in connection with two armed robberies



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Hamilton man charged in connection with two armed robberies

A Hamilton man has been arrested in relation to armed robberies at two Hamilton Mountain variety stores.

On Nov. 23, at approximately 3 a.m., a lone male robbed a variety store located on Upper Wellington St.

Hamilton Police say the suspect arrived in a red sports utility vehicle, parked at the side of the building, entered the store in disguise, and robbed the clerk while indicating he had a gun.

A firearm was seen, according to police. Cash was taken and the clerk did not sustain physical injuries.

Three hours later, a suspect who fit the same description as the previous one drove a red SUV into the parking lot of another variety store on Upper Wellington.

Police say the suspect went inside and robbed the clerk after saying he had a firearm before fleeing with cash.

Again, the clerk did not sustain any physical injuries.

“Through continued investigation, a Hamilton man was identified as being responsible for the robberies,” said Hamilton Police. “On Dec. 21, plainclothes officers attended a residence on the West Mountain. The male was arrested without incident after exiting his residence.”

The male suspect has been identified as Cody Franko, 32, of Hamilton.

Police say they searched the residence connected to Franko and found evidence related to the robberies.

He’s charged with:

  • Robbery with a Firearm x2
  • Disguise with Intent x2

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