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Frank’s celebrating 100th anniversary with game of spin the bottle


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Frank’s celebrating 100th anniversary with game of spin the bottle

To celebrate their 100th birthday, as well as the Super Bowl, Frank’s RedHot is encouraging Canadians to join them in a game of spin the bottle.

This Sunday, Frank’s will be live-streaming a game of spin the bottle on Twitter where participants will have the chance to win a grand prize of $36,500—one dollar for every day Frank’s has existed.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., Frank’s will be spinning their bottle throughout the game and offering players the chance to win plenty of prizes including a Too Hot To Handle Candle; a Chicken Wing Bling Ring; an Up in Flames Skateboard; the Hottest Cooler; a Custom Frank’s RedHot Sauce Bottle and more.

Participants can also join in the fun by responding to prompts with the hashtag #FranksSweepstakes, for a chance to randomly win one of the many prizes.

“No one simply watches the Big Game anymore. They’re checking social media, texting on their phones and monitoring their office pool,” Alia Kemet, creative & digital strategic senior director for Frank’s RedHot, said in a news release.

“That’s why Frank’s RedHot, the official hot sauce of NFL in Canada, created a big and spicy experience to keep people talking, a live game of Spin the Bottle with dares and cool prizes,” she continued.

Cover photo courtesy of Frank’s RedHot’s Instagram

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