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Coming soon: Hamilton Farmer’s Market to welcome a sweet new vendor



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New Openings

Coming soon: Hamilton Farmer’s Market to welcome a sweet new vendor

The Hamilton Farmer’s Market is welcoming a new vendor but it’s a delicious Hamilton-based business we’ve come to know and love.

Hotti Biscotti will be relocating from their James Street North location to set up shop in the Market in the coming weeks with plans to open to the public by April 2.

The originators of the ‘softer biscotti’ announced early last month that they had adopted a new vision for the business and that they were happily making the move to the Market.

The Hamilton Farmer’s Market officially welcomed the Hotti Biscotti crew to their new digs via Instagram on Monday (March 9), and shared that the small-batch bakery’s new digs will be located on the upper level of the market near the entrance to Jackson Square.

“10 years in business & still going strong,” the bakery tweeted last month. “So excited to start the next phase of Hotti Biscotti.”

The team at Hotti Biscotti specialize in a number of swoon-worthy sweets and treats but they made a name for themselves with their beautiful and uniquely flavoured biscottis that are a little easier on the mouth to eat than the average biscotti.

They also make delicious cookies, shortbreads, cookie pies, brownies and ice cream sandwiches and so much more. They also value inclusivity by offering a wide selection of gluten-free sweet treats.

Hotti Biscotti will be open for business April 2 and they say they will be offering free samples all day long of biscotti, chocolate toffee pretzels, peanut butter pops and cookies.

The addition of this delectable Hamilton bakery to the Market, it’s just the latest in a series of top-notch innovators making a home there and reinforcing the Hamilton Farmer’s Market’s status as an elite culinary destination in Hamilton.

Photo courtesy Hotti Biscotti’s Instagram

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