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Coming soon: Beer hall’s imminent opening has Hamiltonians atwitter



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Coming soon: Beer hall’s imminent opening has Hamiltonians atwitter

Prosit, Hamilton!

Coming soon to Cannon Street East, a much-welcomed addition to the culinary scene: the Osten Beer Hall.

Details are still scarce but the sign is up, the building on Cannon Street East (not far from Ottawa) has been painted a brilliant blue and the neighbourhood is buzzing with the news of Osten’s imminent arrival.

“A beer hall in Hamilton. Please let it be real,” wrote one Redditor.

“The front door is class. Very impressive look on the outside,” commented an Instagram user.

Rumour has it that the premise will be very much in keeping with the German beer hall tradition.

A beer hall is a German-style pub that specializes in beer. Munich is the city in Germany most associated with beer halls as most breweries in the city operate beer halls. Beer halls will much of the time feature live music, food and dancing (think Oktoberfest).

“The food program is focused Eastern European with a spotlight on from-scratch cooking,” a job ad for Osten reads.

The ad says they’ll be open for lunch and dinner service and that they’re currently hiring for a variety of positions: baristas, bartenders and servers for the front of house and chefs, sous chefs and prep cooks for the kitchen.

With the loss of the Schwaben Inn and Zum Linzer, Hamilton’s German culinary options have been pretty narrow, so Osten couldn’t come on board at a better time.

Herzlich willkommen, Osten!

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