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City of Hamilton to provide emergency child care for essential workers



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City of Hamilton to provide emergency child care for essential workers

The City of Hamilton has arranged for emergency child care for school-age children of frontline workers.

In a release sent Monday (Jan. 11), in light of the province’s plan to extend remote learning, the City said that in partnership with the Ministry of Education, they are offering free emergency child care for the school-aged children of designated essential frontline and health-care workers.

“During this period, emergency child care is available for designated essential workers, as defined by the Provincial eligibility requirements, who are not able to accommodate their school-aged child’s learning or care at home,” the release said.

“The Ministry of Education expanded the list of eligible workers to include those working with vulnerable populations, maintaining food, hydro and water systems, those supporting court and public safety operations and education staff that are required to attend schools in-person to support children with special needs that cannot be accommodated through remote learning.”

Following the holiday break in December, elementary students were originally going to resume learning remotely until Monday (Jan. 11).

Last week, however, the province announced that remote learning for elementary school students in Southern Ontario will be extended to January 25, 2021, due to the skyrocketing numbers of COVID-19 cases across the province.

The City’s emergency child care is being provided by the three licensed home child care agencies in Hamilton.

For more information about Hamilton’s emergency child care and to learn more about eligibility, visit the City of Hamilton’s website.

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