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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Santa gives Hamilton entrepreneur’s invention a thumbs up



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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Santa gives Hamilton entrepreneur’s invention a thumbs up

As we prepare for Santa’s epic sleigh ride in less than one week, many might wonder just how is he protecting himself and others from the coronavirus.

Well, one Hamilton inventor, filmmaker and entrepreneur teamed up with a local couple to spread the word about his innovation that just might keep the jolly old elf safe this unusual holiday season.

Hamilton’s Moe Masoudi, the creator of the Squeezyband — the Hamilton-made hand sanitizer wristband — enlisted the help of Doug Nielsen and his wife Janice, a Stoney Creek couple who have played the role of Santa and Mrs. Claus for years to spread the word of his innovation.

“We look forward to this season all year and to have a virus that takes away the opportunity to spread joy is truly heartbreaking,” said Doug.

“Not being able to bring smiles to the young and old because of the virus would end years of playing these roles.”

Knowing that although the best prevention is washing hands, wearing a mask and social distancing/staying home as much as possible, Masoudi knew that there still would be those choosing to do their holiday shopping in-store and visiting others from a distance.

That’s where the Squeezy band could come in handy. Masoudi, with the help of one of Hamilton’s favourite Mr. and Mrs. Clauses, created a short video to promote the Squeezyband and spread a little Christmas cheer.

The video is voiced by Martin Yap who is well known for voicing the viral holiday video for WestJet titled “WestJet Christmas Miracle” that received over 49 million views. The script was written by Masoudi’s eldest daughter, Nadia and stars the Nielsens and their grandchildren.

The result is informative, festive and fun.

To date, the video has close to 10,000 views and there have been few hundreds of thousands of Squeezyband sold across the globe.

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