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Canadian company acquires assets from defunct Foodora Canada



Canadian company acquires assets from defunct Foodora Canada

Facedrive, a Canadian ride-sharing and food-delivery company has announced it will be acquiring certain assets from Foodora Canada.

After the German-based company announced it would no longer be serving the Canadian public, Facedrive, a Scarborough-based company announced it had entered into a binding agreement that will allow them access to Foodora Canada’s customers, subject to customer consent, as well as 5,500 restaurant partners previously served by Foodora Canada.

The move is intended to improve Facedrive Foods, a food-delivery service that the company launched during the pandemic as a way to connect residents to restaurant businesses in the GTA and London, and support residents, businesses and the driver community during these unprecedented times.

Further, Facedrive operates an eco-friendly business model, intending to provide socially responsible services and products exclusively for platform users.

A portion of every Facedrive fee goes towards local tree-planting initiatives to help reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere, and Facedrive Foods has committed to providing only healthy, nutritious and sustainably-sourced menu options.

“The term sheet with Foodora Canada comes at the perfect time for Facedrive. The launch of Facedrive Foods is rooted in Facedrive’s vision of becoming the one stop shop platform for eco-conscious and socially responsible users. A full ecosystem with rideshare, delivery, entertainment, gamification and social components–all in a single platform–is the epitome of convenience with the huge added bonus of being green,” Sayan Navaratnam, Facedrive chairman and CEO, said in a news release.

“This provides an incredible growth opportunity to broaden our geographic, user and technological base globally,” he continued.

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