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Adjusting for the pandemic, Hamilton events company offers virtual holiday parties



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Adjusting for the pandemic, Hamilton events company offers virtual holiday parties

Hub of the Hammer Event Planning has had to make a lot of adjustments since March.

Sure, many businesses have felt the burden of the pandemic over the last several months, but it’s hard to imagine an event planning company staying afloat without finding new and creative ways to deliver its services.

So this week, Hub of the Hammer launched its Mix ‘n’ Kringle holiday services.

“We’re usually booked solid this time of year for Office Holiday Parties but this year we’re switching it up, we’re bringing the party to YOU with Hub of the Hammer’s MIX’N’KRINGLE!” posted Hub of the Hammer on Facebook.

Hub of the Hammer makes a good chunk of its money by partnering with local bars and restaurants and hosting trivia nights.

The holidays, though, are especially good for business.

“We had a lot of business in the previous years with holiday office parties,” said Matthew Surina, Owner of Hub of the Hammer. “Whether it was team-building or hosting trivia at a third-party location, we booked up fairly quickly.”

Most companies are skipping the traditional office party this year due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases, which means Hub of the Hammer had to call an audible.

“We developed a program called the Mix ‘n’ Kringle, which gives people the option based on various event packages.”

Those interested can contact Hub of the Hammer through the company’s website and take an à la carte approach, choosing between trivia, holiday games, songs, comedy shows, and more.

“It’s a ‘pants optional’ office Christmas party without actually being in the office,” added Matthew, who acknowledged that even if things get back to “normal” once a vaccine is available, we may never return to the way things were in early 2020.

“We were a pen and paper format. So when we did bars and restaurants, we knew that even when we did come back, people aren’t going to be comfortable sharing pens and trading sheets and sitting close to people they don’t know.”

Hub of the Hammer’s event calendar is jam-packed with at least 17 different virtual and -in-person events through the final month and a half of 2020. Matthew says a big reason why they’ve been able to continue doing business through the pandemic is that the Hamilton community is great at stepping up and supporting as much local business as possible.

In return, the company says it donates “a chunk” of every ticket sale to rotating local charities and not-for-profits. Previously, Hub of the Hammer partnered with Hamilton Food Share and now they’re working with The Hamilton Aviary.

“We have a charitable element but it’s also about recouping costs through ticket sales,” concluded Matthew. “So we make sure that we’re bringing in enough money to keep us alive and anything extra is going to go to either a charity or a foundation.”

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