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5 videos in Hamilton that brought a smile to our face in 2020



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5 videos in Hamilton that brought a smile to our face in 2020

There have been times this year when it’s been difficult to find a reason to be cheerful.

But there have also been a number of moments, caught on camera, no less, that have given us reason to smile.

Here are five videos that we saw this year that Hamiltonians had a role in creating that helped lift spirits throughout this difficult year.

5. A Hamilton teen wows us with his moves

Joseph Mazino has only been in Hamilton for a short time but he’s made quite an impression with his ingenuity and incredible talent. No doubt we’ll be seeing his moves on a bigger platform in the not-so-distant future!

4. Local theatre groups bring music of ‘Les Mis’ to the people

This video was shared relatively early in the pandemic and it’s truly breathtaking. The message of the song and the musical itself of people coming together to bring about change and fight against oppression and finding strength in numbers is particularly poignant in a year where we’ve battled the unimaginable together.

3. A shoutout to all the graduates

Like everything else this year, graduation celebrations were put on hold and millions of people across the globe were unable to formally mark such an important achievement. The Arkells, in an effort to acknowledge the achievement of one of their fans and those of the Class of 2020 everywhere, played a special socially distant, acoustic serenade for one lucky Mac grad.

2. A very special thank-you to front-line workers

This video needs little introduction: JK and SK students from Hamilton shared a tribute to our ‘health-care heroes’. It’s adorable and heartwarming and may it serve as a reminder that we should be incredibly thankful for the sacrifices our front-line workers have made this year.

1. The Arkell’s first holiday song

There were a lot of Arkells videos that made us smile this year — the band is pretty good at lifting one’s spirits — but this one, in particular, came along at a time when we were coming to terms with the fact that Holiday Season 2020 wasn’t going to pan out as we all hoped. It’s a great song and a very fun video and is a great example of why Hamilton is so proud that this band calls our city home.

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