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5 things to do on Christmas Day in Hamilton



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5 things to do on Christmas Day in Hamilton

Like everything in 2020, Christmas Day is different this year.

So what can one do when everything is closed, we can’t gather with our loved ones and a global pandemic continues to require us to celebrate safely?

Turns out, quite a bit.

So here are 5 things you can do on Christmas Day in Hamilton.

Winter hike/walk
We’re known for all of our hiking and walking trails. If the weather holds out, Christmas Day is the perfect day to stretch your legs and get some fresh air and take in some of the sights and sounds of Hamilton’s green spaces. Just be sure to dress warm and follow public health guidelines to protect against the spread of COVID-19!

Outdoor Skating

Hamilton’s arenas might be closed on Christmas but our outdoor skating facilities are still available for use (if they’re up and running, so check ahead!). There’s nothing more festive or wintry or Canadian, for that matter than slapping a pair of blades on to your feet and twirling around on the ice. Just be sure to wear a helmet and dress warm. For more information on outdoor ice rinks in Hamilton, check here.

Games Games Games!

Given this year’s limitations on gatherings, our ability to get together with others is limited so it’s upon us to find ways to create our own fun from the safety of home. Board games, card games, video games and online gaming are some ways we can engage with our loved ones and have some fun.

Christmas light hunt
With everyone stuck at home this year, it seems a lot of people have put some extra effort into their outdoor holiday displays in an effort to spread some extra cheer. If you want to know where to go, this website provides a map of where particularly extravagant light displays can be found in the Hamilton-Burlington area.

Catch a movie
This has become a Christmas Day tradition for a lot of people over the years but this year, cinemas are unable to accommodate the typical Christmas Day crowds. So why not create your own holiday movie playlist, cosy up on the couch with some snacks and spend the day watching some classics? Netflix has a wonderful selection of holiday films geared towards families with children, same with Prime Video and Disney+.

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