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5 Hamilton eateries with Instagram accounts you should follow



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5 Hamilton eateries with Instagram accounts you should follow

There’s nothing better than tucking into food prepared by any of Hamilton’s renowned restaurants — our culinary scene, in my humble opinion, is second to none.

This past year, though, I haven’t been able to indulge in the flavours of our city as much as I’d have liked to, so I’ve taken to daydreaming about times past and anticipating what the future holds for my tummy.

My source of inspiration is Instagram.

I constantly find myself falling into a rabbit hole when I search #hamonteats in my feed and I am constantly amazed by the innovation and beauty I find there. It’s literally breathtaking, torturous and salivating.

So in the spirit of supporting some of our local eateries in these unprecedented and challenging times and in celebration of the culinary talent we have here in the city, here are 5 #hamonteats Insta accounts that dazzle and inspire me and, hopefully, they do the same for you.

5. Nannaa Persian Eatery

This Persian restaurant has some of the prettiest and freshest dishes in the city. You can taste the love, pride and history that goes into the food here and you would be hard-pressed to find its equal in the city. While the food is simply fantastic, it’s also beautiful. Nannaa’s menu is filled with so many shapes and colours and such visually stunning dishes that the experience of consuming it rises to a whole new level. Nannaa is able to capture its beauty and freshness in their Instagram posts that offer an up-close and personal glimpse of this cuisine and the people bringing it to Hamiltonians. It’s hard not to look at their posts and not immediately crave a kabob or one of their magazine-worthy salads. Also noteworthy, this account employs a lot of clever play on words which a word lover like myself truly appreciates.

4. Hammerheads

Hammerheads catered my family’s post-lockdown reunion with our nearest and dearest friends a few months back. It was the first time I’ve had the pleasure of digging into their fish n’ chips. I was raised on Parkdale Fish n’ Chips so the bar is pretty high. I was definitely NOT disappointed. This place is amazing. The batter on their haddock otherworldly light and crispy and their fries are scrumptious, don’t even get me started on that epic tartar sauce and that slaw is world-class. We will be repeat customers for sure. They’ll also always hold a special place in my heart because they were the first food we shared with people after months of isolation. On the Gram, I cannot look at their posts without a fierce craving for seafood washing over me (I’m not even that big a seafood person!). They recently shared a pic of their Maryland spiced prawn poutine and now every time I close my eyes, I can see it. I’m haunted.

3. Crumbuns

Have you ever seen a butter tart ice cream sandwich? Ya, I hadn’t either until Crumbuns shared a picture of theirs recently and it’s every bit as heavenly as you might think. My sweet tooth and I have been a gigantic fan of this lovely bakery since we first walked through their doors last summer and I found them through the Gram. I honestly can’t get enough of their ‘Flakies’ because it just reminds me of my childhood, but, like, better and more refined. Their cookies will also set my heart aflutter, not to mention their lovely cupcakes and their specialty cheesecake cupcakes. And just when I thought I had Crumbuns all figured out, they throw out a picture of butter tart ice cream sandwiches and I feel like I haven’t lived.

2. Maipai Tiki Bar

I think it’s pretty obvious why Maipai is on this list. I will admit, I have yet to get around to trying Maipai’s Detroit style pizzas but is in the number one spot on my list of things to get my hands on. The photos they share on their Insta are almost cruel because they are just so mouthwateringly striking. Judging from the comments they are constantly getting on their social media posts, half of Hamilton seems to agree that their pizzas are unlike anything else we’ve seen before. Reviews of their pizzas match this conclusion; foodies are united in their love of Maipai Tiki’s deep, deep dish Detroit-style ‘za and their fresh ingredients and crispy cheesy crust. Dill pickles on a pizza? Um, hell yes! Also, their cocktails and cocktail kits look so thirst-quenching and fun.

1. My SweeTooth

This lovely little sweets shop has made several of our Top 5s over the past few months. They have Hamilton abuzz with their unique and delectable goodies. Foodies across the city are constantly sharing swoon-worthy pictures of My SweeTooth’s cream puffs, milk buns, hot dog milk buns, cakes, cake rolls, lattes, and tarts and so much more. Their Instagram account is a veritable art gallery. Everything they create is always picture-perfect and so visually compelling that the very idea of consuming it seems criminal. Even still, once you start eating, it’s gone in a flash because the care that they put into the appearance of their creations is also employed in providing some of the most delicious food this city has ever seen.

What Hamilton culinary Instagram would you recommend to other foodies?


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