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You Can Now Get Extremely Cheap Coffee in Halton


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You Can Now Get Extremely Cheap Coffee in Halton

What better way to warm up than with a hot cup of coffee in the middle of winter?

It’s no secret that Canadian winters call for toasty coats, purring kittens to cuddle with, roaring fireplaces, and hot beverages to combat the snow and the cold. 

McDonald’s Canada has kicked off February with the official launch of $1 coffees across the country. 

It’s true — from February 5 until March 4, 2018, you can get any size McCafé Premium Roast Coffee for $1, including the massive XL size if you’re looking for a giant caffeine boost.

This is probably the best time to collect McCafe stickers (they come on the coffee cups), where seven stickers get you a free coffee.

It’s also a very interesting time to launch cheap coffees, just days ahead of Tim Hortons’s Roll Up the Rim contest, which starts on February 7.

Regardless, more cheap coffee and chances to win prizes for you!

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