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What’s the Flooding Situation at This Popular Oakville Park?



What’s the Flooding Situation at This Popular Oakville Park?

It’s officially summer and Oakville’s beautiful, serene Coronation Park is out of commission, for the most part.

But the playground, washrooms, several picnic areas, and the looped parking lot can be accessed by the public, said Town of Oakville spokesperson Julie Trites.

“Staff from the parks and open space department are inspecting the park daily to assess its condition,” said Trites.

“As soon as it is safe to do so, the rest of the park will be reopened.”

The 24-acre park with walking and biking trails also has two beach volleyball courts – which are submerged – and a stage, which are off limits.

Flooding has closed a number of parks in Oakville, with rising lake levels and overflowing at Coronation Park cancelling the Relay for Life last month and resulting in the town temporarily relocating next month’s Children’s Festival to Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.

Seasoned cyclists and athletes know the damage stretches east of Oakville, too.

Flooding has made parts of Port Credit unsafe (and therefore inaccessible) to pedestrians and drowned vast parts of Toronto Island.

How bad the damage in Oakville is – and how much it will cost taxpayers – is up in the air.

“It’s too early to determine the full extent of the damage but now that the water levels are starting to recede we’ll start to get a more clear picture of flooding impacts,” said Trites.

It’s “very likely that some damage is not visible at this time and won’t be identified and assessed until conditions improve enough for a coastal engineer to conduct a full inspection of all public lands along the shoreline.”

Photo courtesy of the Town of Oakville

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