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VIDEO: Man Chased by Turkey Just Outside of Halton



VIDEO: Man Chased by Turkey Just Outside of Halton

On a rainy day, a city just beyond Halton experienced a strange event indeed.

In Brampton, anything is possible–even being chased by a large wild(?) turkey. 

A Reddit user recently brought delight to the Brampton subreddit by sharing a YouTube video of a very large turkey harassing an older gentleman on a residential street in the city. 

The clip, which was posted on March 7, has 500+ views and shows a large and seemingly aggressive bird stalking a man on the sidewalk. 

A Reddit user said the chase took place on Mountainash Road, just south of Countryside. 

At one point the man attempts to shoo the gigantic bird away with a stick, but the brave turkey is undeterred and continues to follow him down the street.

You can see the video, made by Aaron Aldaz, below:

ecdb069d-b2fe-44f8-9940-cddc811488a5 (1) from inbrampton on Vimeo.

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