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Unique New Restaurant Opening in Oakville



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Unique New Restaurant Opening in Oakville

Sometimes you don’t have much more than a sign to go by when you’re strolling down the street or cruising in Oakville.

But that doesn’t make a new restaurant opening less exciting.

If you’ve recently checked out Kerr Village, you might have seen some signage indicating that a brand new sandwich joint is coming.

Sandwich Society is slated to open on May 1 at 146 Kerr St. — that’s between Rebecca and John streets.

Here you’ll find Tuscan-inspired eats which are “fast, fresh, wholesome, and delicious,” according to the website.

Meals are served up on schiacciata, or Tuscan flatbread – we’re very familiar with its cousin, foccacia- that’s baked in-house.

The bread is vegan — so your plant-based peeps can tag along for a bite and, well, actually eat something.

A menu is under construction.

Ingredients include spreads such as truffle pecorino, porcini mushroom, artichoke mint, and pesto.

Then there’s salami with fennel seed, porchetta with duck, prosciutto, artichoke, avocado, spicy eggplant, basil, mint, arugula.

And what would an Italian sandwich shop be without pecorino or buffalo mozzarella?

For those of you looking to grab a bite on the go, the take-out spot will be open seven days a week.

Sandwich Society – Opening May 2018

146 Kerr Street, Oakville , Ontario

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