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Two Milton Men Arrested Following an Alleged Armed Robbery



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Two Milton Men Arrested Following an Alleged Armed Robbery

Two Milton men have been arrested following an alleged armed robbery.

According to police, the two men are in custody after a late night robbery of a Milton convenience store.

Police say, shortly after 10 p.m. last night, Oct. 23, two masked men entered the Circle K Convenience store located on Wilson Drive in Milton.

Once inside, one of the men displayed a large knife and ordered the employee to remit, cash, cigarettes, and lottery tickets, police say.

Police say, the two male suspects left the store with an unrevealed amount of property. 

The employee was not injured according to police.

Halton Police and Police Services Dog (PSD) “JAX” responded to the scene. 

An officer responding to the scene observed two males who matched the description of the suspects. 

Police say, the two males were walking in the Main and Ontario Street area. 

According to police, both males were placed under investigative detention and a protective search for weapons was conducted. 

One of the suspects opened a back pack, which revealed the stolen property, police say. 

According to police, both suspects were immediately arrested without incident and transported to the police station. All of the stolen property was recovered.

According to police, charged with robbery, wear disguise with intent and breach of probation is 22-year-old Justin Hiltz-Banks 

Charged with robbery and wear disguise with intent is 18-year-old Michael Ekeli of Milton, police say.

Police say, both accused were held for a show cause hearing in Milton.

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