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Two Injured Following Police Chase that Started in Burlington



Two Injured Following Police Chase that Started in Burlington

Two people have been injured as a result of a police chase that started in Burlington today (June 27).

According to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, Niagara Police are currently investigating a collision. However, this collision occurred after an earlier incident, and multiple incidents, that started in Burlington.

Schmidt says that OPP from the Burlington area were attempting to stop and investigate a vehicle. But the vehicle failed to remain, fled police, and was involved in several collisions on the QEW.

Officers, according to Schmidt, from the Niagara area were able to intercept the vehicle and follow it on the QEW towards Niagara Falls. The vehicle, however, continued to flee and evade police.

The vehicle, according to Schmidt, go off the QEW at Drummond Road. And, a short distance later, it wrecked and was involved in another collision.

The vehicle crashed into a building, injuring one woman who was inside.

The female driver, who is in her 20s, was taken into custody.

The driver and the victim have both since been taken to hospital with injuries that appear, according to Schmidt, to be not life-threatening.

The investigation is ongoing.

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