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Two in five Canadian workers have quit because of their boss


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Two in five Canadian workers have quit because of their boss

If you saw the movie Horrible Bosses and felt you could relate to the main characters (for those who haven’t seen it, they try to kill their bosses) you aren’t alone.

According to a recent study from Robert Half, two in five workers in Canada have quit a job because they didn’t like their boss.

“Managers set the tone for the office and have a considerable amount of influence over the daily experiences and satisfaction of their employees ― for better or worse,” David King, senior district director for Robert Half, said in a news release.

“When supervisors show genuine enthusiasm for projects or new initiatives and encourage open and frequent communication in the workplace, staff feel more engaged, and better supported in day-to-day challenges,” King added.

King also mentioned the power appreciation has on employees. “Even small gestures like providing regular feedback, and ‘thanks’ for a job well-done help staff recognize their impact on the business while demonstrating an active interest in their professional growth and success,” he said.

Three of the more common traits associated with a bad boss included not responding to messages/calls in a timely manner, micromanaging everyone, or refusing to manage anything and forcing other people, particularly people working beneath them, to make the tough decisions.

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