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Two Horses Perish in Milton Barn Fire


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Two Horses Perish in Milton Barn Fire

Two horses have sadly perished following a barn fire that occurred in the Town of Milton.

According to police, early this morning, Dec. 21, Halton Police and Halton Hills Fire received a call for a barn fire in the area of Arkell Road and First Nassagaweya Line in Milton. 

Emergency services arrived at the Firstline Training Centre and helped barn staff in urgently removing horses from the blaze.

Thirty-eight out of 40 race horses were rescused. But unfortunately, two perished with another two suffering burns that required emergency veterinary treatment. 

The horses were moved from the centre to various locations that could facilitate them.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated, but, according to police, it is believed that it originated in the area of farming machinery.

Further inquiries regarding the fire can be directed to the Halton Hills Fire Department.

UPDATE: The Milton Fire Department should be contacted regarding any further inquiries – not Halton Hills Fire Department.

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