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Two High-Rise Residential Towers Proposed for Milton



Two High-Rise Residential Towers Proposed for Milton

By the year 2031, the Town of Milton must build 5,300 new residential units – fifty per cent of these units have to be either townhouses or multi-storey buildings.

This is part of the town’s growth targets that have been set by the region and province. Now, according to a recent council report, the town has received an application for two residential towers.

Korsiak Urban Planning has proposed two high-rise residential towers with grade-related commercial uses. 

If approved, these towers would be located on the west side of Bronte Street, north of Main Street. 

“Surrounding land uses include a service station and predominately low-density residential uses to the east, the CN Railway Line immediately to the west, commercial uses immediately to the south and residential uses beyond to the south and southeast, and vacant employment lands to the north,” reads the report.

The towers would be constructed on top of separate six-storey podiums, resulting in heights of 19 and 21 storeys, respectively.

As a result, the applicant has requested an amendment to the town’s Official Plan height limit provisions within the Central Business District Policies in order to permit a maximum height of 21 storeys.

If the application is approved, the development, in total, would provide 435 residential units and 1,195 square metres of commercial space.

Back in February of 2018, a public information centre was hosted by the landowner (Vue Developments on Main). Town planning staff, members of council, and interested citizens came out to this event. About 50 members of the public came out, some were in support of the proposed development while others were opposed to it.

No decision regarding this application has been made yet. However, it was noted in the report that the following items will have to reviewed and addressed.

• Shadow impact/privacy/views

• Stormwater management & servicing

• Urban design, built form, massing & height

• Integration with the public realm

• Traffic impacts, parking, pedestrian vehicle-access/circulation

• Noise

• Consistency with PPS & Growth Plan

• Pedestrian level wind mitigation

• Land use compatibility to surrounding land uses/transition

• Environmental assessment of lands

“A technical report with recommendations will be brought forward for council consideration upon completion of the evaluation of the application at a future meeting,” notes the report.

Would you like to see this development approved?

Cover photo and graphics are courtesy of the Town of Milton.

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