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Travelling is About to Get a Lot Cheaper for Canadians



Travelling is About to Get a Lot Cheaper for Canadians

If you love to travel but are often discouraged by the price tag that is associated then we have some good news.

Travelling is about to get a lot cheaper for Canadians.

According to a recent press release, an investor group, led by Tim Morgan, recently announced that it is set to launch a Canadian ultra-low-cost-carrier (ULCC) service in 2019.

This will result in low-cost air travel for millions of Canadians by this time next year.

“We believe we can significantly increase the size and competitiveness of Canada’s domestic and trans-border aviation market by offering an ultra-low-cost alternative to the high cost of air travel,” Bill Franke, Indigo’s Managing Partner, said in a recent press release. 

“Our goal is to be in the market by this time next year to help more Canadians visit family and friends over the holidays and for years to come.”

This carrier service has been backed by significant financial commitments from a variety of Canadian investors and Indigo Partners, including LLC, a leading private equity firm specializing in the aviation industry, Enerjet, a licensed Canadian carrier. 

“We believe there are millions of Canadians who would jump at the chance to have a simple, safe, and affordable alternative to the sky-high costs of air travel,” Morgan, who will serve as Chief Executive Officer, in a recent press release. 

“We are extremely pleased to have the backing of leading Canadian investors and our partners at Indigo. Together, this group has the financial capacity, experience, and operating expertise to transform Enerjet into a world-class, ultra-low-cost airline that will bring increased choice and competition to the Canadian market.”

Are you making any travel plans?

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