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Top 5 Things to Do on Christmas Day in Halton



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Top 5 Things to Do on Christmas Day in Halton

If you look forward to coming home (or staying home) and celebrating Christmas Day in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Halton Hills, you’ve probably got a list of favourite places filled with childhood memories. Or perhaps you’re creating new experiences.

Either way, here is a quick list of what to do on Christmas Day across Halton.

Walk around downtown Oakville, downtown Burlington, downtown Milton

If there was ever a Christmas to walk around this would be it! Not many things will be open today, but the sheer beauty of these areas will keep you moving (and your Gram poppin’). Grab your significant other, or your kids, hold hands and stroll along the paths and streets and enjoy the small-town charm and picturesque settings. Grab some hot chocolate and enjoy each other’s company!

Go tobogganing in Burlington

There’s nothing like sliding down a hill at high speeds to get your Christmas on! Grab your sleds and layer on an extra pair of socks. The city has designated six areas in Burlington that are safe for tobogganing. They include: LaSalle Park, east of the parking lot; Tyandaga Park at hole number four on the west slope; Central Park on the hill northwest of the community garden; Brant Hills Park, southwest of the tennis courts; Nelson Park on the east side of park, north of the Centennial bike path; Lowville Park on the hill at the southwest end of park.

Watch a movie with family and friends 

Funny how society dictates certain things are OK to stay open on Christmas Day and nobody cares about it – like movie theatres. And who are we to argue? At first I always thought it was kind of weird going to the theatre on Christmas Day, but it obviously isn’t due to the large crowds I see in the evening. Also, tons of movies actually open on Dec. 25 (Molly’s Game, All the Money in the World, and Phantom Thread). You can also check out the latest Star Wars and Pitch Perfect installments. Back in the day when I had big family gatherings, we’d all go to the movies. There used to be 20 of us going, so we could never decide on one movie so we just watched the movie we wanted and met in the lobby to go back home and eat some more.

Take a winter stroll

The beauty of fresh snow covering branches is one of the hallmarks of winter and the impermanence of snow makes appreciating it all the more crucial. If you want to grab some gorgeous IG photos and enjoy crisp air (savor it before it turns frigid), head to any local park. Here’s a bunch in Burlington. This one in Milton is lovely. You’ll get to see the trees with new eyes all over again. If you’re lucky, the park will be empty and you’ll get to make fresh tracks with your boots. You’ll also get some refreshing outdoor exercise in advance of that huge turkey, ham, or roast — all of the above if you’re really spoiled!

Find an ALL-DAY Breakfast place and have breakfast at 2 p.m.

A little tradition my boys and I had a few years back was to find an all-day breakfast place on Christmas day. There was no way we would ever eat breakfast in the morning due to all the evening festivities and eggnog we drank. So at around 1 p.m., I would grab a few of my boys and the hunt would begin. We were in search of an all-day breakfast joint that was open. We didn’t care if it was in a back alley of a shady strip mall. As long as it was open and had bacon we would be eating there. I think the adventure of it all was actually trying to find a place that was open and hoping to find that new breakfast joint. Either way, it was a lot of fun and we always found a place.

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