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Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton: May 26 – June 1



Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton: May 26 – June 1

Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Halton for the week of May 26 – June 1, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5. Tavolo


One bite made me forget I was in an outdated shopping mall most frequented by my mom (and other seniors) and students on lunch break. This fried calamari was sublime. Tavolo, a long-time favourite, has been wowing Oakville diners who typically frequent other fabulous restos owned by Catch Hospitality Group. Try flagging a server on a Sunday night — it’s insanely busy. The pizza is phenomenal, too — fresh, fresh, fresh ingredients and that combination of margherita pizza plus salami … it’s heavenly.

4. Portabello’s Pizza & Eatery


This cute little pizzeria on Derry Rd. W. (next to the Hawthorne Cafe ) doesn’t look like much at first glance. The decor is simple, with wine on display. But the pizza is everything! A huge slice took several minutes to inhale and didn’t stop me from going back for more. The sauce tastes homemade because it is — everything is created in-house. With a great crust and flavourful cheese and meat in each bite, drizzling chilli oil (also prepared at Portabello’s) took it to an unbelievable level! The server was really friendly and helpful — she even reminded me to grab a cell phone charger on the way out. If that isn’t fabulous customer service, I’m not sure what is.

3. Palermo Pub


Regulars swear this pizza tastes even better the next day.

It’s yummy and leaves me wanting to order another as soon as it’s gone. While the pizza is super greasy, the New-York style pepperoni is so tasty and a nice, subtle tasting sauce is something I’d like to see simmering on my stove. Formerly known as Jimmy Heroes, the popular restaurant has been family-owned and operated since 2004. Good luck getting a seat on wing night!

2. Borgo Antico


The menu is curated and the offerings are fabulous. This cute little downtown Oakville spot opened its doors in October 2016 and is an under-the-radar dining experience when it comes to great Sicilian fare. If you’ve never been, start with the fried artichokes (incredible!) and order the steak (equally fabulous but keep in mind it’s not offered daily since the meat selection is changed up). The resto is casual yet authentic, kid-friendly and – more importantly – offers a solid wine list, plus cocktails and beer. Service is very friendly. You must go.

1. Easterbrooks Hotdog Stand 


This Aldershot institution is obviously the champ … you can’t mess with the best. Easterbrooks has an endless stream of loyal customers to remind you of such legen-dairy (you knew it was coming!) status. While you’re waiting for an ice cream cone, look around — the shop’s ceiling and walls are covered in business cards collected over the years. Records, newspaper clippings, and an arcade game will keep you entertained (and thanking Mable Easterbrook for switching over to hot dogs after four years — she opened shop in 1926 as a tea house!). Since 1930, they’ve served more than 1,653 miles of hot dogs and more than 533 tonnes of ice cream. The good stuff – Central Smith Ice Cream – comes from Peterborough. Flavours include Algonquin Canoe, Maple Walnut, Salted Caramel, Black Raspberry Cheesecake, and Tiger Tail. I stepped out of my comfort zone and went with Black Cherry … it was divine. You can choose from waffle cones to sugar cones or sundaes, and if you’re really craving a treat, get a milkshake. They now have malted shakes which taste like Maltesers candy (my sister will love this news!). Keep in mind, it’s debit or cash only.


The 5 hottest restaurants in Halton for the week of May 26 – June 1 were based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on 

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