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Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton: July 7 – 13



Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton: July 7 – 13

Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Halton for the week of July 7 to July 13, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on  

5. Goodfellas


The popular Streetsville Neapolitan wood oven pizza restaurant that’s known for its rustic-chic interior, homemade southern Italian dishes and exclusive Italian wine selection, officially opened its doors in Halton at 22 Ontario St. S., across from the Milton Mall, in a former Re/Max realty office. Finally. It’s an ideal place to break all of your new year’s resolutions. With authentic Neapolitan wood oven pizza, the menu focuses on authentic Southern Italian cuisine. A variety of legit Napoletana pizzas include the Margherita Pizza, topped with San Marzano sauce, mozzarella fiore di latte, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil. You’ll also find Romano pizza and homemade pastas, all made in-house. The Maccheroni alla Carbonara pasta dish includes pancetta, egg yolks, pecorino romano, and black pepper. The mozzarella di bufala, and parmigiano-reggiano cheeses are some of the ingredients they use imported directly from Italy. Goodfellas boasts an extensive Italian wine selection which pairs beautifully with great eats. 

4. Boon Burger Cafe


The good folks at Boon Burger prove you don’t necessarily need meat to create a phenomenally satisfying meal. They also showed us you don’t need dair (or soy) to hit that soft-serve craving! Creamy coconut is all it takes! This Canadian chain, or “world’s first vegan burger cafe,” has mastered selling plant-based junk food for the masses. The environment is quirky and full of farm animals. Very friendly staff wear black T-shirts reading ‘boonivore’ on the back. After one bite of the Cowboy, I want one, along with everything on their menu. 

3. Ned Devine’s Irish Pub 


When the meaty juice drips from your hands to the plate, there’s something special in store. A pretzel bun encompasses this juicy meat patty, which leaves me in awe of their recent menu changes (they’ve switched their fries and swapped the bun). Ned’s Classic Burger comes dressed with lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, and red onion. This burger was the bomb! I had no expectations when ordering it, but wow … mind blown. The meat was perfectly seasoned and it was so tender inside … it nearly crumbled in my mouth. The pretzel bun was soft and it was an absolutely perfect combination of flavour. I nearly scarfed down this entire burger in a few minutes and the server was all smiles when I asked for a box to take home the last two bites. It’s. That. Damn. Good. Even with plenty of dining options nearby, with a burger like this, Ned’s is sure to be full all summer.

2. Kerr St. Cafe


This Kerr Village staple, featuring a cafe and restaurant, has such a relaxing atmosphere (with plenty of natural light) it’s second only to a day at the spa. Or a day trip to New York City, because it feels like I’m at a posh cafe near Columbia University (yup, I’m thinking of Joe’s). Superb service complemented my lunch — the aptly named Clean Bowl of Health, which was amazingly light yet satisfying. Warm and crunchy, it includes avocado, quinoa, goji berries, toasted herbed chickpeas, shredded cabbage, sweet potato mash, steamed seasonal greens, and tahini. I couldn’t get enough. To chase it, the ginger kombucha was perfect, as was the chia granola, paired with blood oranges and coconut milk. Or if you need a caffeine fix, you could saunter to the other side and order a cup of joe via sister company Brothers’ Coffee Roasters. (Note, there are no reservations during the day).

1. Borgo Antico


The most pleasant surprise on this list was a new-ish restaurant in the heart of downtown Oakville. This cute little spot opened its doors in October 2016 and is an under-the-radar dining experience when it comes to great Sicilian fare. If you’ve never been, start with the fried artichokes (incredible!) and order the steak. Keep in mind, it’s not offered daily since the meat selection is frequently changed up. The resto is casual yet authentic, kid-friendly and – more importantly – offers a solid wine list, plus cocktails and beer. Service is very friendly. You must go. The menu is curated and the offerings are fabulous. 

The 5 hottest restaurants in Halton for the week of July 7 to July 13 were based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

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