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This Proposed 30-Unit Condo May Not Be Coming to Oakville After All



This Proposed 30-Unit Condo May Not Be Coming to Oakville After All

Another major construction project in Oakville may never see the light of day.

Plans to build a 30-unit condo complex in the area of Bronte Road and Rebecca Street have been put on hold since a council meeting held on September 9.

Instead of outright rejecting the developer’s application, the town’s planning and development are giving them more time to work out the concerning aspects of the proposal.

The developer, 320 Bronte Road Inc., is asking for zoning changes that would allow them to construct a new condominium at 320-350 Bronte Road. They are also requesting a zoning change to permit a maximum building height of 13.5 metres.

The proposed condos would feature 28 townhouse units, one large single detached dwelling, and one additional unit.

The area is currently occupied by the Church of the Nazarene, a daycare and three other detached homes.

As the condominium would be located a short walk from the Bronte Village area, it is a prime spot for homebuyers as many amenities are close.

Many residents of the area have concerns the condos would have both during and after construction. Those that attended the meeting shared concerns about the impacts on traffic volume the development would bring to the area.

Bronte Road sees a significant amount of traffic during rush hour, as it is one of the main roads commuters take to merge on and off the QEW. As the roadway is a single-lane in both directions, traffic builds up quite frequently. 

Residents are concerned not only that construction will slow things down further, but also that a new condominium would bring a large amount of traffic to the area in general.

Many residents are also worried about the impact the building would have on the environment, as the location is very close to Bronte Creek.

The developer has been given a deadline of October 3 to meet the concerns raised by the town staff.

What are your thoughts on this proposed development?

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