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This Popular Restaurant is Now Open at Burlington Centre



This Popular Restaurant is Now Open at Burlington Centre

Mozzarella sticks, double-bacon pizza, seafood linguine, and a club wrap are just a few items customers can now indulge in while shopping at Burlington Centre.

The wait is finally over, East Side Mario’s is officially open at Burlington Centre.

Budda boom…budda bing!


The popular restaurant was first established back in 1987 and now has locations across Ontario – and Canada in general. 

At Burlington Centre, East Side Mario’s is located at the west corner of Entrance 6 – close to the Winners.

The opening of the Burlington Centre location is something that some people are quite excited about.

Burlington Centre posted about the official opening on their Facebook page on March 4, 2019. And a few East Side Mario’s fans left some positive comments.

“Can’t wait to come and dine here,” reads one comment.

Another Facebook user tagged a few friends and said, “Dinner next week!”

Will you be stopping by East Side Mario’s at Burlington Centre anytime soon?

For more information about the restaurant, or to view the menu in full, visit the official East Side Mario’s website.

Photos are courtesy of the Burlington Centre’s Facebook page.

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