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This Milton Pig Has Made it Big



This Milton Pig Has Made it Big

A Milton pig has recently made it big.

Esther the Wonder Pig, a 650 pound pig that resides in Campbellville in Milton, won best animal influencer in the 13th annual peta2 Libby Awards.

This annual competition recognizes people, and animals, who are enthusiastic about animal rights.

According to the official contest website, winners are chosen based on equal consideration of the nominees’ enthusiasm about animal rights, the number of votes received, and interest shown by fans.

Esther was sold to Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter back in 2012 and was believed to be a micro-pig, however, this was debunked as she continued to grow. When Jenkins and Walter bought Esther, she was just four pounds but grew to be 500 in less than two years. Regardless, the duo decided to keep Esther. 

Now, through multiple social media platforms (InstagramFacebook, and Twitter), Esther promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle. 

“We hope this page will make you take a minute to re-evaluate some of your consumption habits,” reads the Esther the Wonder Pig Website.

“We always seem to prefer the “I’d rather not think about it” approach.  If you took just a few minutes to learn how brutal life is for these loving, intelligent and compassionate animals, I know it would change your mind and maybe even convince you to lead a cruelty free and compassionate lifestyle.”

For more information about Esther, visit the official Esther the Wonder Pig website.

Other winners of the 2018 peta2 Libby Awards include Bella Thorne in the best peta2 collab category, Andy Biersack in the best voice for animals rights category, Dove Cameron in the best celeb tweet for animals category.

View the full list of the 2018 Libby Award winners, here.

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