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This Halton Hills Incident Prompted a Fire Department Safety Reminder



This Halton Hills Incident Prompted a Fire Department Safety Reminder

A recent incident in Halton Hills prompted a safety reminder from the Halton Fills Fire Department.

The Fire Department issued a reminder to residents about the dangers of ice on ponds specifically in regards to Fairy Lake in Acton.

According to a recent press release, on Dec. 9, at around 6:45 p.m. fire crews responded to call regarding a water and ice rescue at Prospect Park. 

Crews found a 12-year-old girl standing on the ice, roughly 100 feet from shore. 

Specially trained staff from the Technical Rescue Team went to the scene and launched the Polar 75 Water & Ice Rescue Boat – a multi-purpose deployment craft that is used for rescue on snow, ice, as well as in oceans, in floods, etc. 

It was only a few minutes before the girl was safely brought to shore where she was placed in the care of Halton Emergency Medical Services.

“This emergency was resolved without incident,” Fire Chief Harry Olivieri said in a recent press release. 

“But it’s a good reminder to everyone not to go out on frozen waters yet as this year’s fluctuating temperatures have meant that ice surfaces are not safe.” 

Halton Hill Mayor Rick Bonnette commented on the fire department’s heroic efforts.

“I’m proud of our staff’s ability to quickly mobilize and respond to calls,” Mayor Bonnette said in a recent press release. 

“It is my hope though, as we move into the holiday season and more people are enjoying outdoor leisure time that staff will not be responding to any more of these types of incidents.”

Parents are encouraged by the Halton Hills Fire Department to speak with their children about the dangers around frozen water. The fire department is also encouraging parents to remind their children to avoid using the lake as a shortcut to or from school.

Residents are also advised to not venture out on ice alone or at night. 

Residents who are using the lake in the water either for ice fishing, snowmobilers, etc., need to ensure that the lake has completely frozen over to the appropriate thickness. 

The Lifesaving Society of Canada said that ice should be at least 10 cm for walking, 12 cm for snowmobiling, and a further minimum of 8 to 12 inches to withstand the weight of a vehicle. 

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