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These Milton Roads are Being Resurfaced



These Milton Roads are Being Resurfaced

Now that it’s officially spring – the first day of spring was March 20 – many people may be thinking about starting, or finishing, a few outdoor projects. Cities and towns also often start a few projects of their own once the warmer weather arrives. And the town of Milton is no exception.

Every year the town’s asphalt overlay program kicks off in May, continuing through to September. 

During the time period this year, a slew of roads in the town will be improved.

The town was unable to provide specific road resurfacing dates since the construction work is weather dependent. However, it is still expected that the work will be completed this fall. 

According to the town, improvements this year will consist of asphalt overlay, in addition to localized curb and sidewalk replacements. 

This year, Associated Paving & Materials Ltd. will be resurfacing the following roads:

  • Bastedo Court (Bousfield Crescent to end)
  • Bronte Street (Derry Road to Heslop Road)
  • Cumming Boulevard (Bonin Crescent to Andrews Trail)
  • Ferguson Drive (Armstrong Boulevard to Louis St. Laurent Avenue)
  • Foster Court (Hayward Crescent to end)
  • Industrial Drive (Steeles Avenue to Market Drive)
  • Ontario Street (Laurier Avenue to Derry Road)
  • Ridge Drive (Highside Drive to Ontario Street North)
  • Cooper Avenue (March Crossing to Bennett Boulevard)
  • Harris Boulevard (Main Street to Ellis Crescent)
  • Highside Drive (Elm Avenue to Ridge Drive)
  • Satok Crescent (Childs Drive to Childs Drive)

According to Paul Cripps, Commissioner, Engineering Services, the roads that are selected for resurfacing each year are not random.

“The town’s annual asphalt overlay program is a capital project aimed at improving the surfaces of Milton’s roadways,” Cripps said in a statement. “Localized repairs to both curbs and sidewalks are also included as part of this program. Road selection is based on the results of roadway conditions, traffic studies, geotechnical and CCTV inspections as well as coordination with utility agencies and the region.”

Photo is courtesy of the town of Milton’s Twitter page.

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