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These Burlington Lifeguards Were Recognized for Something Heroic



These Burlington Lifeguards Were Recognized for Something Heroic

Burlington lifeguards are being recognized after responding to a near drowning at a Burlington pool.

The Burlington Fire Department recognized the aquatic staff that responded to a near drowning incident that occurred at Tansley Woods Pool in September. 

The recognition event took place on Monday, Nov. 19.

“It is an honour to recognize the Tansley Woods lifeguards for their excellent team work and lifesaving skills,” Fire Chief David Lazenby said in a recent press release.

“They are heroes and we are proud to serve our community alongside them.”

The swimmer was without vital signs when the lifeguards pulled him from the water. They performed lifesaving efforts until emergency services arrived and could take over. 

“Starting my career in Parks and Recreation as a lifeguard, I have an inside appreciation for the training and dedication it takes to be ready for an emergency,” Chris Glenn, Director of Parks and Recreation, said in a recent press release.

“I am proud of the teamwork and skills these seven lifeguards demonstrated in saving Mr. Breedveld’s life and commend them for their quick thinking and calm actions.”

The seven lifeguards that were recognized included: Stephanie Armstrong, Diane Selman, Kevin Dawley, Stephanie Judd, Chantelle Andree, Julia Watson, and Meagan Laking.

They were presented with certificates from the Burlington Fire Department, the Burlington Parks and Recreation Department, and the Lifesaving Society.

Photos are courtesy of the City of Burlington.

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