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The Oakville Public Library will no Longer be Charging for This



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The Oakville Public Library will no Longer be Charging for This

Borrowing books from the library, as opposed to buying them from a bookstore, is usually a more cost-efficient way to catch up on your reading.

However, if you don’t finish the book (or books) in time or return them in time, late fees and overdue fines can start to add up.

But as of recently, this will not be the case anymore for some readers in Oakville.

The Oakville Public Library (OPL), in the hopes of reducing barriers and giving children more access to literacy, recently announced that there will be no overdue fines on qualifying children’s print materials.

According to the library, the late fee for kids was 15 cents per day and could reach up to $3 per book. But now children, and parents, will no longer have to worry about overdue fines.

This change came into effect on Family Day (Feb. 18, 2019).

The new program, according to a press release from the library, does not apply to fees related to lost or damaged items, holds expired or any administrative fees. The program will, however, honour any qualifying children’s items checked out on any type of card – a parent’s card, a children’s card, etc.

In the press release, the library revealed that it will waive overdue fines on qualifying children’s items that accumulated before Feb. 18. 

“However, customers must come into any OPL branch and request to have these fines waived – it cannot be done over the phone, automatically or online,” notes the release.

Also, as of Family Day, library cards with more than two qualifying children’s items that are overdue will be blocked until the items are renewed or returned. 

“To remove the block from your card, simply return or renew your overdue items and your card will automatically unblock within 24 hours,” reads the release. “Should you need assistance or to speak with someone directly, call us at 905-815-2042, or email [email protected].”

So, what children’s items qualify for this new program?

According to the release, the OPL has removed overdue fines for the following children’s items: print materials (magazines, easy readers, picture books, junior fiction, etc.), enviro-packs, storytelling kits, and juvenile interlibrary loan items (ILLO). The following items are not included in this new program: DVDs, audiobooks, blu-rays, or CDs of any type, any FastLane materials, adult print materials, teen print materials, Wi-Fi hotspots, Osmos, laptops, or tinker toys.

What do you think of this new initiative? 

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