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The Glenlivet launches line of glass-less whiskey



The Glenlivet launches line of glass-less whiskey

The Glenlivet has launched a new line of products that people can consume without a glass.

The original Speyside single malt Scotch producer has launched its “Capsule Collection” during London Cocktail Week in England in the hope of revolutionizing how people ‘drink’ whiskey.

The capsules are 23 ml—just under one ounce—and they are served in an edible seaweed-extract casing.

Alex Kratena and Monica Berg, award-winning bartenders and co-owners of London bar Tayēr + Elementary, created the three original cocktail recipes for the capsules that feature citrus, wood, and spice flavours.

“When we saw The Glenlivet Capsule Collection for the first time we knew we wanted to be involved with the launch – the cocktail capsules are unique and push the boundaries of how drinks can be served. This is something we always look to do at Tayēr and so it felt like a natural fit,” Kratena said in a press release.

The capsules are waste-free, and if thrown out, they biodegrade in four to six weeks. Currently, they are only available at Tayēr + Elementary in London.

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