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The Future of Glen Abbey Remains Uncertain



The Future of Glen Abbey Remains Uncertain

The future of the Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville has been unknown for quite some time now.

The future of the golf course will remain unknown until at least the end of November when more decisions are to be decided.

First, let’s recap.

Last year the town initiated a court application to determine its rights and jurisdiction under the Ontario Heritage Act in connection with the Glen Abbey Golf Course.

This action was taken in response to the announcement by ClubLink, the owners of the golf course, that it would be seeking an application to demolish all buildings (other than the Raydor Estate and the Stables) on the site and remove the Glen Abbey Golf Course in its entirety.

Earlier this year, ClubLink and the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) filed a Notice of Application to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice appealing Council’s approval of the Cultural Heritage Landscape Conservation Plan By-law 2018-019, the Ontario Heritage Act Delegation Powers By-law 2018-020, the Cultural Heritage Landscape Conservation Plan for the Glen Abbey Property and Council’s resolution to endorse proposed amendments to Site Alteration By-law 2003-021, the Private Tree Protection By-law 2017-038, and the Property Standards By-law 2017-007.

Now, what are the updates on this demolition status?

“This matter is currently on hold and will move forward at a pre-hearing conference set for Nov. 29, 2018,” Becky Fong, Senior Manager, Communications of Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario, said via email.

“The matter will be heard concurrently with PL171084, which relates to a group of appeals made by ClubLink over the refusal by the municipality to approve their proposed development.”

In addition, according to Save Glen Abbey on Twitter (@saveglenabbey) the Oakville council recently voted to direct the Oakville Town Solicitor to execute instructions from the town’s legal representation.

For now, the future of Glen Abbey remains uncertain.

We will continue to provide updates on the status of Glen Abbey as they become available.

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