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Swan Escapes Alleged Kidnapper in Burlington



Swan Escapes Alleged Kidnapper in Burlington

A swan recently escaped an alleged kidnapper in Burlington. 

On Monday (March 11, 2019) around 11 a.m. at LaSalle Marina in Burlington, a woman allegedly tried to kidnap a trumpeter swan.

“A woman had actually grabbed a trumpeter and was putting it into her car,” Liz Benneian said on behalf of the Trumpeter Swan Coalition.

People observed this happening and told a police officer who then intervened. 

Police stopped the woman from taking the trumpeter and cautioned her.

“They [the police] said there was nothing they could charge her with and they let her go,” Benneian said.

It is alleged that the same woman was also trying to remove the wing tag from the bird’s wing earlier on.

However, this isn’t the only recent incident that occurred at LaSalle. Benneian noted that another potential abduction is being looked into. 

Benneian also pointed out a third incident regarding a well-known swan named A59.

“He’s a very well-known swan and he has a family at LaSalle – they’re still there but he’s suddenly disappeared,”Benneiansaid.

Benneian said that A59 was in good health.

“People had seen him on the weekend and then just all of a sudden he was gone,” Benneian said. “So, when people first heard the story of this [alleged] abduction they were worried that maybe he’d been the one who had been taken but we don’t know what happened to A59.”

The Trumpeter Swan Restoration group is asking anyone who sees a bird that has the wing tag A59 to let them know.

Photo is courtesy of the Trumpeter Swan Coalition Facebook page.

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