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Surprising Weather Headed for Halton This Week



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Surprising Weather Headed for Halton This Week

Seems like the weather is cutting Halton some slack this week!

It’s the kind of week to wear lots of layers, but it seems the rain will let up a bit.

Here’s what the weather looks like for this week, according to The Weather Network:

As you can see, Halton is set to be sunny and above freezing most days and a high chance of rain come Saturday – Tuesday is even set to hit nine degrees, but feel like four. That’s still the highest temperature all week.

But temperatures are set to drop below freezing on some nights, so be sure to wear your winter coat! It also seems like it’s going to be a dark week, with few hours of sun.

The holidays are around the corner – which might mean lots of snow – so we can definitely appreciate this weather for now (unless you love snow). 

Stay toasty and dry this week, Halton!

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