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Starbucks reopening patios and in-store seating



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Starbucks reopening patios and in-store seating

Starbucks Canada has announced it is reopening its cafes and patio seating areas.

By the end of June, Starbucks intends to have nearly half its company-owned stores open.

Additionally, the company will resume offering dine-in options on a community-by-community basis, which has already started in B.C.—16 stores have opened as of mid-June.

However, while Starbucks is working to resume offering dine-in options, the company maintains safety for its employees and customers remains its top priority.

As a result, it will be working closely with local leadership, health authorities and provincial governments as restrictions start to lift across the country, and implementing additional safety measures.

In order to allow customers to maintain physical distancing, stores will be significantly reducing the number of seats available.

Further, tables will be cleaned between each customer, and floor markers indicating how customers should navigate the store will remain in place.

Moreover, employees will be required to wear facial coverings, and stores will not be providing customers with reusable cups, mugs, and plates.

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