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Should You Be Worried About FaceApp’s Data Collection?



Should You Be Worried About FaceApp’s Data Collection?

The #FaceAppChallenge is the latest trend to hit social media, and with it comes privacy and security concerns.

FaceApp is a Russian-developed app that provides photo-editing features through filters. The most recent trend is for users to use the ageing filter to see what they may look like decades from now.

Many have been using the app and posting the results on social media.

However, as with any service that collects information, the conversation of digital privacy and security has also returned.

This comes from concerns that the app allegedly harvests a user’s metadata from their photos.

The apps user agreement gives the developer, Wireless Labs, control over everything you upload to the app forever. This means that any photo or info collected by the app can potentially be held for as long as the developer wants.

The app’s privacy policy also states that it uses third-party tools to collect large amounts of data from a device including the web pages you visit, add-ons, and other information.

The privacy policy claims that the info being collected “assists in improving the Service.”

This doesn’t mean that all your private data is compromised as many apps do already collect personal information on your device. 

Many independent researchers have tested how the data is collected. Despite some claims that the app downloads your entire camera roll, results show this is not the case. 

The app’s servers are also believed to be located in the United States. Most importantly there has been no evidence that the app is using the information collected will be used for illegal purposes.

The main concern for many is that photos and information can be held on the servers indefinitely. 

What do you think about FaceApp collecting this data? Is the fear legitimate? 

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