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SCAM ALERT: Halton Police Warn of CRA Scam



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SCAM ALERT: Halton Police Warn of CRA Scam

The “CRA scam” is back, say Halton police.

In the past week investigators say they’ve seen another variation of the commonly known CRA scam.

Victims are being told they have outstanding debt with the Canada Revenue Agency, or CRA.

In order to avoid arrest they’re now being directed to local “Bitcoin” ATM machines to deposit cash funds into anonymous digital wallets, thinking that they’re paying off the alleged debt and avoiding arrest.

Investigation into one digital wallet revealed that 17 deposits had been made in one 24-hour period, with an equivalent amount being $11,900 U.S.

The source of all these deposits isn’t known, but police suspect they’re all victims of fraud-related scams.

Halton police are reminding residents that the CRA would never ask for payment to be made through gift cards or Bitcoin and would never use the phone as a first point of contact when dealing with clients.

If you’re contacted by the CRA in this way, police recommend hanging up the phone, and if in any doubt to phone the CRA yourself — don’t phone caller back on any numbers they’ve given you.

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