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Residents Warned of New Scam in Oakville



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Residents Warned of New Scam in Oakville

Falling prey to a scam can be scary, but awareness can be the key to staying safe. Now, Oakville Hydro and Halton police are warning Oakville residents of a new scam.

And if you live in Oakville, you’ll want to stay alert.

Oakville Hydro recently released information on a new scam where fraudsters are attacking Oakville Hydro customers.

According to Oakville Hydro, scammers are contacting customers via text, email, and phone.

The scam?

Police and hydro have confirmed that fraudsters are posing as Oakville Hydro.

In the text, phone call, or email, they threaten to cut off your hydro service if you don’t pay immediately. Further, scammers might include a link in a text or an email for a rebate, which you should not click.

Police say to ignore these demands.

Oakville Hydro advises residents do not provide any credit card details.

And if you’re unsure, you can call Oakville Hydro directly at 905-825-9400 and speak to customer service.

If you fall prey to a scam, you can report it to police.

Stay safe, Oakville.

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